"We are figuring out every way we can to waste heat in the middle of the day."

- Thad Hill CEO Calpine

Renewable power is upending the traditional electric grid. In 2017, the CEO of Calpine stated that the power generation company's most profitable project was running electric heaters outside to waste electricity from renewable over generation. 


At the same time renewable energy is being wasted, nearby facilities are burning fossil fuels to produce steam.

Medley Thermal exists to link this clean, low-cost power to commercial and industrial steam systems, using electricity to offset higher cost and more emissions intensive fuels. 

Solution - Dynamic Electrification

Our solution—dynamic electrification—switches steam generation from fossil fuels to electricity at times when electricity is cheap and clean.  A dynamically electrified system adds an electric boiler in parallel to the existing boiler system and uses intelligent dispatching software to manage fuel switching between the boilers without disruption to the supply of steam.


Intelligent Operation

Software enables effective operation of the dynamically electrified system, considering:

Market Prices and Forecasts

Real-time Grid Emissions

Tariffs & Fuel Contracts

Technological Constraints

Cut Costs

Reduce Emissions

Remove Bottlenecks

Improve Reliability

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